From 125 €
from 1 July to 31 August

Atelier en ligne “Créativité tous azimuts”

Informations Covid-19 : Open / Activity resumed

Opening dates

    From 1 July to 31 August


  • Price per person : 125 €

July and August 2021: COUSSEGREY – Online workshop “Creativity in all directions”. This online course offers you a whole series of exercises (8 sessions) to unlock your creativity! Stimulate the imagination, be inspired by the great masters of the abstract, look at nature, dive to the bottom of the ocean in imagination, have fun with poets, paint in music and rhythm, tell a story in images, create an offbeat self-portrait … each week a different subject, with instructions for material, format, suggestions for approaching the theme while leaving you great freedom of interpretation. Various materials will be explored in turn, as you wish: gouache or acrylic paint, pastel, colored pencil, felt-tip pen, graphite lead, collage and mixed media. It is you who will choose to work on a paper or canvas support. You can create at home, or on your vacation spot, by taking your equipment in a small case. Organized by L’atelier du Laurier rouge. Price: 125 €. More information: – +33 (0) 3 25 70 69 35 –