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Atelier image au Tournefou

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From September 25 to December 10: PÂLIS – Image workshop for “Enfances” 2 hours, half a day, a day… Organized on request for groups, schools, Pass Culture, companies, various clubs, retirement homes… Prices on request Around “The issue”, with the theme of forests, research the notion of depth and the marvelous secrets of this overflowing vegetation. Make way for your brushes, charcoal… With “Enfances”, travels through countries, the looks, the faces that tell the story of the lives of children around the world. Grab your pencils, cameras… The workshop begins with a guided tour of the exhibition. Choose a work, take the time to look at it, formulate your impressions… Secondly, an artistic practice workshop is offered: the participants create a work according to the theme of the exhibition and the artist involved.