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from 7 May to 7 August

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Informations Covid-19 : Open / Activity resumed

Opening dates

    From 7 May to 7 August

From May 7 to August 7: PALIS – Image workshops, at the Domaine du Tournefou. How to read a work? Enter the world of photographer Yamamoto Masao, listening to small silent things. Immerse yourself in nature and the lives of those who inhabit it. The workshop begins with a guided tour of the exhibition. Choose a work, take the time to look at it, formulate your impressions… Secondly, an artistic practice workshop is offered: the participants create a work according to the theme of the exhibition and the artist involved ( modelling, drawing, painting, poetry, photo, monotype…). Without forgetting the times of relaxation and games in the park! Contact: +33 (0)3 25 40 58 37 – secretariat.tournefou@gmail.com