Bi 1 Ervy-le-Châtel

Installed since 1871 in Burgundy, Schiever cultivates a strong territorial anchoring and it is in a spirit of reassurance of the consumer, that since 2013 our new supermarket brand called bi1 (pronounce well) takes place with new quality sectors while respecting a price fair. At bi1, 3 commitments make up our daily lives: 1 – Eat well, eat well For us, quality is essential. This is why we are promoting more responsible consumption. We favor fresh, seasonal and French and regional products. We also put animal welfare at the heart of our concerns, for example by banning eggs from caged hens or by stopping the marketing of several species of fish considered to be endangered. 2 – Control your budget well With 52 promotional prospectuses per year, or more than 10,000 products on promotion, you will find in our stores solutions at fair prices on the traditional shelves and our first prices on the self-service shelves. 3 – Listening to you well We are paying more attention to our customers and in order to develop this kindness we give them the floor. It is thanks to their comments and suggestions that we can improve the quality of our products and services every day. At bi1 Ervy le Châtel, you can find products prepared by our teams such as filet mignon with chaource or discover local products such as wine and champagne, eggs, honey, lentils, jams, mushrooms, cheeses etc and many other specialties that are important to us. -bi1 innovates by launching at the end of November 2019 chicken eggs, raised outdoors fed with French cereals, richer in omega 3 and vitamin E than a conventional egg (3x more omega 3 and 6x more vitamin E). -The first dry ham “Outdoor pork”, obtained from animals raised for six months on the terroir of the Morvan, matured for twelve months, made its appearance on March 18. -Because our commitment “to consume bi1, to eat bi1” also extends to the food of our feline and canine friends, we designed with the help of veterinarians kibbles under the brand Instinct bi1.