Centre d’Initiation à l’Environnement d’Othe et d’Armance


  • Picnic area
  • bus parking
  • Toilets


  • Reception for young people

PDF documents

  • PSAN_2021_Plaquette(1).pdf

The CIE d’Othe et d’Armance is a 1901 law association established on the Othe-Armance territory for more than 20 years. It aims to introduce and raise awareness of the natural environment and sustainable development for all audiences. It offers leisure and school activities for all ages around nature and sustainable development, through the discovery of natural environments, local heritage and the use of educational tools, supervised by Nature animators. La Ressourcière welcomes you! Reduce your waste, consume better: A space to understand and share! 0 waste, composting, natural garden: we answer your questions and share a multitude of resources! Open every month: 1st Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The last Wednesday from 2.30 to 6.30 pm Find the guide to outings and workshops on the website www.cieba.fr and on Facebook “Cieoa Aube”