from 18 August to 20 August

Championnats de France 2023 de Mountail Trail

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Opening dates

    From 18 August to 20 August

From August 18 to 20: MARAYE EN OTHE – 2023 French Mountain Trail Championships. The Mountain Trail is a discipline imported from the United States which aims to highlight the qualities of the perfect outdoor horse as well as the human-horse relationship by making the couples evolve on a course of difficulty built in natural materials. After the Gironde in 2021, the Loire Atlantique in 2022, Aube was chosen for the 3rd French championships following the candidacy of the Écuries du Pommier d’Argent. The Mountain trail is a very open discipline because it welcomes couples from all equestrian backgrounds: horseback riding, western, classic, hiking… A mixture of equestrian cultures that is not found in any other competition. Beyond the equestrian culture, there are very different horses that can be opposed: from the mini shetland to the percheron. Practiced both on foot and in the saddle, even non-riders can participate. Pommier d’Argent stables: