the Sunday 13 June from 10h00 in 19h

Dimanche à la campagne


  • the Sunday 13 June from 10h00 in 19h


  • Free

Sunday June 13: COUSSEGREY – Sunday in the countryside at the Ferme des Damoiselles (7 route de Prusy). The Damoiselles farm is an organic breeding of goats and hens of old breeds. Sunday in the countryside will inaugurate the farm! Production of cheeses and scabies made from goat’s milk. Colored eggs, sale of breed hens. Guests: – Organic market gardener – Chèvrerie de Malesme: cheese producer – Matthieu Viardet: meat from Salers de Villemoyenne – Hélène Michard: spring honey Products: – Goat’s milk ice cream – Goat’s milk cheeses – Chickens of ancient breeds (Bresse , Marans, Cream Legbar, Padoue, Pekin, Barnevelder…) – Colored eggs – Ducks Catering: No Contact: –