the Sunday 13 June from 10h00 in 19h

Dimanche à la campagne


  • the Sunday 13 June from 10h00 in 19h


  • Free

Sunday June 13: PALIS – A Sunday in the countryside at the Domaine du Tournefou (4 rue du Tournefou). Families, childhood, carpentry, painting, local products Practical workshops with artists for children. In the park, sheep, chickens, and pancakes. Wool felting workshop. Guests: – FERME VIVANTE 89/10: organic farmers: flour, lentils, sheep meat products – GOFFART Julien: organic farmers: apple juice, cider, pork cold cuts, honey – Tool in hand from the Pays d’Othe: carpentry workshop – NATUR ‘ANNIE: amateur artist, wool felting Products: – Organic flour and lentils – Organic ewe dry sausage – Organic apple juice and ciders, – Gascon pork charcuterie – Honey Catering: No Contact: 03 25 40 58 37 – 06 64 22 83 52 –