the Sunday 16 April from 10h00 to 19h

Dimanche à la campagne aux Serres et Jardins du Val d’Armance

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  • the Sunday 16 April from 10h00 to 19h


  • Free

Sunday April 16: BERCENAY EN OTHE – Sunday in the countryside at the Greenhouses and Gardens of Val d’Armance, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Production and sale of flower and market garden plants. Wide choice of varieties and colors in all seasons. Visit of our greenhouses on 2000m2. Catering, snack bar, blood sausage. Refreshment bar, catering, the Mézières-Les Croûtes Hunting Association. Menu: sausages, merguez sausages, andouillettes, fries with Chaource sauce, blood sausages, tartlets and Flan With the presence of: GAEC Leclere, dairy products, charcutiers • Baudin Jean-Paul and Patricia, honey and candles • La Belle et la Bulle, artisanal soap factory • Champagne Moutard, Champagne Moutard • GAEC Blondeau, Chablis wine • Au Renard Fleuri, decorative object in dried flowers • Brasserie La Truite, beers, artisanal lemonades • Sarah’s universe, sewing, textile creations • Natur’elle Bois, natural creations in wood • Jean-Pierre Léger, animal photos • La Fleur de Fougère, straw decorative objects • Beaded threads, micro macramé and stone jewelery • Benoît Poterie, ceramic potter • My sweet spinner, needle-felted wool • Comptoir des Confitures, master artisan jam maker • Foie Gras Rabuat, farm duck specialties • Fer Arie, ironworker, boilerwork • Domaine La Charloise, cider, apple juice, ratafia, brandy • Le p’tit Chevre de Bernouil, cheeses of goat farmers • Adèle Soline, basketry, paper creations • Delphine Regneault, iron and glass sculpture • Victor Loiselet, Verrier • Safran breathe from the fields, saffron, by-products • Love is in the milk, natural farm ice cream • Jewelery orchids, polymer clay jewelery • Troyes MRJC Association, pancakes, wooden games workshop • Mézières-Les Croûtes Hunting Association: Contact: +33 (0)3 25 76 09 61