from 11 August to 27 August

Exposition “Personnages Insolites”

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Opening dates

    From 11 August to 27 August

From August 11 to 27: BERULLE – Exhibition “Unusual Characters”. 27 portraits presented made by Brigitte Rance, visual artist, to illustrate a game on the Mexican Revolution which took place from 1910 to 1920. The drawing technique used is that of Indian ink dots. From photographic documents of the time, each portrait was made point by point in black on a white background. All these characters had an important role during the revolutionary uprising that began in 1910-1911. From very diverse social conditions, they found themselves propelled to the forefront of these years of social transformation and often very deadly armed conflicts. More than half of the characters represented here died violently… “I have always manipulated, sculpted, drawn, painted, broken, sewed, knitted, transformed materials, colors, shapes Everything is a pretext for creation: scrap wood, porcelain, found objects, rusty objects, fabrics, iron wires, papers of all kinds, toys, boxes… Like the air I breathe, I tell my life in mobiles, small rag characters, paintings, collages, papier mâché. I extract strong moments of joy, of suffering as a means of understanding the world, bringing my inner universe to life. A world full of colors, falsely naive. J try to bring them to life and offer them to the gaze of those who want to understand them… Little rag characters often locked up in boxes, merry-go-rounds made of wire, in madness… Interrogative, astonished characters to be where they are Angels, poets, sirens trying to save fishermen, discussing among themselves like peronnels, scenes of life from the past, inscribed there, to express the universality of pain. Mobiles as party objects. A bit surreal, made with what I can put together, scraps of nothing, pictures, drawings, discarded toys coming back to life. ” Brigitte Rance. Exhibition visible on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Place of exhibition: 6 rue de Berluvier, Hameau de Bois-le-Roi, 10160 Bérulle. Contact: 03 25 46 78 43