the Saturday 17 December to 15h00

Fête de l’asso

Saturday 17 December: AUXON – La Fête de l’Asso’, organized by Othe Armance Festival. To end this beautiful year, let’s get together for a small end-of-year party at the Chaudron in Auxon (195 rue des Croisettes)! The purpose of this day is to get to know each other better and to discuss, via our experiences and commitments, on important issues for the development of the festival. Program: – 3 p.m.: Round tables. Let’s encourage the emergence of ideas on subjects and values that we all share: initiating and promoting a project in rural areas, getting involved in the voluntary sector, reconciling development and environmental issues. – 4:30 p.m.: General Assembly. Review of the year, renewal of the members of the board of directors and outlook for 2023… It’s time to join the adventure from the inside! – 7 p.m.: the evening. Concert, meal, bar… (info to come) DJ – Dance floor… until the end of the night of course. Contact: