Héritage 1900



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It was Fernand Fréminet, grandfather of Frédérick Goussin, who was a pork butcher and cider maker in Pays d’Othe, who introduced his grandson to the production of cider. It is a revelation for him. From an early age, he accompanied his grandfather in the orchards, picked up the apples and discovered the cider making processes. It is from a small exploitation of untreated tall apple trees, whose apples are picked by hand, that the various cider vintages and apple juices are made. An invitation to tasting and great discoveries … “Heritage 1900” is a tribute to this grandfather who took care to transmit his knowledge to his grandson … All ciders are disgorged on the fly and muzzled bites. These artisanal methods, all carried out by hand, give a certain prestige to the product and give it a rustic, powerful, complex character, anchored in the earth. By appointment at 06 06 89 67 85