L’arbre du Pied Cornier

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The Othe Forest is a remarkable natural boundary between the Armance Valley and the Othe Land. The Cornier tree is an oak that has grown and grown for centuries. It reaches approximately a circumference of 5.70 m and has, according to specialists in water and forests, at least 800 years. This centuries-old oak was ranked in the top 10 of a national survey to be listed in the inventory of remarkable trees in France by the Cultural Service of the Museum of Natural History and the National Movement for the Fight for the Environment (MNLE). The municipality of Vosnon and the water and forest specialists are trying to protect it. For the respect of this tree, thank you for not going inside and not picnicking. To discover it, we must leave Vosnon towards Saint Mards-en-Othe, turn on the left, at the entrance of the wood there is a sign indicating the path to follow, a climb of about 500 meters, then on the left on 50 meters and you arrive in front of this marvel! The definition of Cornier tree comes from its situation at the horn “sort of ancient landmark” of three properties: the communal forest of Vosnon, the communal woods of Villeneuve-au-Chemin and the private property of Volneuses of about 270 hectares.