Les Ruchers de la Conscience

Dominique MEIGNIEN is “Artisan Happyculteur & connector to the living” A shop in LAGESSE of Bee products will open in September 2023. With products from the Hive (made in Aube, Made in France), a collaborative honey house will be open to visitors with workshops of “Sensory Discovery of Hives and Bees”. Discovery quiz – A screening of extracts from the film “Being with the bees” (7min) – Discussion, questions/answers. – Preparation for the visit: instructions, equipment. – Discovery of the world of the hive (15/20 min) – Questions/answers – Honey tasting – Discovery of the equestrian center (at your convenience) BEEKEEPING – WELL-BEING – WORKSHOPS – For a responsible and better world Entrepreneur from Father to Sons and Daughters since 1932