From 19.90 €
the Friday 6 September to 19h00

Spectacle “le bal des couillons”

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  • the Friday 6 September to 19h00


  • Price per person : 19.90 €

Friday September 6: BERNON – “Le bal des couillons” show at the Bernon Factory. Doors open 7 p.m. – Show at 9 p.m. – Closing at 1 a.m. A hilarious moment that reconciles the city and the countryside! A very Parisian lawyer stuck on a farm in deep France with a gruff peasant. But the peasant is fanciful and his farm is haunted! Marcel Troupeau, a very rustic peasant, lives on a farm haunted by his wife Germaine. He loves hooch at 90°, going to demonstrations, and doesn’t know soap… Paul-Henry Semance, a haughty lawyer, has just acquired the neighboring farm with the aim of transforming it into a cottage for the summer. A few rampaging chickens will be the start of one of Maitre Semance’s worst days… Point of impact: Crénon-les-tablettes, very very very deep France! Price: €19.90. Contact: 03 25 77 87 48 – 07 88 11 56 26