From 40 €
the Saturday 23 May from 10h00 in 17h

Stage marche en pleine conscience


  • the Saturday 23 May from 10h00 in 17h


  • Price per person : 40 €

Saturday May 23: SAINT MARDS EN OTHE – Mindfulness walking course at 10am in the hamlet of Belle Fayte. Meditative walk in the forest, walk step by step among the trees to breathe, meet, disconnect, refocus, take inspiration … These days will be dedicated to conscious walking, providing energy and well-being. You will walk on the transverse paths of the Othe forest from 10h to 15h. On your return, you will exchange around creative games. Then, after a deep relaxation session in a lying or sitting position, a massage with Christine Castaldi will complete the day. Price: 40 € (massage included). A deposit of 15 € is required at registration. For walking, provide adequate shoes and for relaxation of flexible clothing (jogging style), floor mats and plaid. For lunch, plan a picnic from the bag. The day will end around 5 p.m. Next date: June 27. Contact: Myriam Goldminc 06 71 79 27 70 –