From 16 €
the Friday 3 November to 19h00

Théâtre “gonflée à bloc”

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  • the Friday 3 November to 19h00


  • Price per person : 16 €

Friday, November 3: BERNON – Theater “inflated to block” at the Factory. Opening 7 p.m. – Closing 1 a.m. A hilarious comedy about a couple of future parents! They are going to become parents… Yes, parents! They have a hard time realizing it, but the good news is that they have nine months to fully realize it! Is this the ultimate test for a couple? Or the event that will strengthen their love forever? In reality, it’s a bit of both, because when you’re pumped up, the atmosphere sometimes tends to explode! Between constant cravings, overdeveloped emotions, libido that plays the roller coaster, existential crises and reflections, follow the daily life of these two future parents, who are about to experience the most beautiful upheaval of their lives (which implies, of course, first go through a few crises… because that’s how we love each other!). Price: €16. Contact: +33 (0)3 25 77 87 48 –