from 13 June to 14 June

Week-end Feldenkrais


Opening dates

    From 13 June to 14 June

June 13 and 14: PALIS – Feldenkrais Weekend at the Domaines du Tournefou. Back ache ? Evil somewhere? Hurt everywhere ? Stress? Voltage? Tired ? Lack of balance? Want to move better, breathe, smell, imagine, act. Or play better, sing better, dance better … The Feldenkrais Method, what is it for? To acquire a better use of oneself. To expand your potential, recognize and exceed your limits. To refine the awareness of your body in order to use it better: less effort, more efficiency, ease, pleasure. Speaker: Natalie Rafal, actress, author, teacher and practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method. She teaches theater, and animates gestural improvisation workshops with performance professionals and amateurs within several theater schools in France and abroad since 1990. Contact: Christelle Brulin 03 25 40 58 37 – secretariat .tournefou @