AAPPMA d’Aix-en-Othe / Paisy-Cosdon

AAPPMA: Approved association for fishing and the protection of aquatic environments. River fishing in Nosle and Vanne (1st category). La Nosle in nursery reserve Fly fishing course: Course with specific conditions for the practice of fly fishing. Custodians: Péchasbroc 56A Grande Rue 10190 Villemaur-Sur-Vanne Tel: 03 25 42 16 06 and Tourist Information Office 2 rue Foch 10160 Aix-en-Othe Tel: 03 25 80 81 71. Rules available from the custodian, at the Office of Aix en Othe Tourist Information and can be consulted from our website by clicking on: “PDF Documents” From March 11 to September 17, 2023