Welcome to the Land of Othe and Armance in Champagne!

Map of France with the location of the Land of Othe and Armance in Champagne - Paris located nearby

Discover the wooded hills of the Land of Othe, the bucolic plains of Armance and you will be rejuvenating by the Chaource forest!

A territory of many colors!

A rural area, the Land of Othe and Armance has several attractive facets:

Heritage Country

The Heritage in the Land of Othe and Armance is unavoidable: churches, the tombof of St. John the Baptist Church, stained glass windows, picturesque villages and the medieval city of Ervy-le Châtel…

Land country

Come and taste the cider from the Land of Othe and its taste of the hills: fruity and tangy.

Discover Chaource’s cheese, its soft paste, and its flowery crust, all salted dry for a creamy result.

Country of nature

As you walk, a stop is required in the washroom and chapels that have made the rural history of yesteryear to hear the echo of the laughter of the lavenders or the nagging prayers of the processions. Come and admire the diversity of fauna and flora born of the meeting of the Burgundian valleys and the Champenoise plain.

Venez en groupe dans un territoire de nature, Aube, Champagne

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Ervy le chatel de nuit

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