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Othe-Armance Tourist Office 2
Rue Foch Aix-en-Othe1
0160 Aix-Villemaur-Pâlis

Tourist information offices:

  • Aix en-Oth
    e2 rue Foch 10160 Aix-en-Ot
    heTel: 33 (0)3 25 80 81 71
  • Ervy-le-Châte
    lLa Halle Boulevard des Grands Fossés 10130 Ervy-le-Chât
    elTel: 33 (0)3 25 70 04 45
  • Chaourc
    e2 Grande Rue 10210 Chaour
    ceTel: 33 (0)3 25 40 97 22

Creation of the site: Development and design

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Website hosting:

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Media Bouquetin: for better protection of your data

Use of personal data

Media Bouquetin makes a modest contribution to the struggle "so that our personal data is not considered a commodity: so that no company can monitor our behavior and manipulate us for commercial or political purposes, including by selecting the advertising and information we receive. It struggles to make decisions about our lives (employment, credit, education, etc.) automatically based on this data. (Quadrature of the net)

We therefore avoid using Google's services as much as possible:

  • For maps, we use the open-source service umap and leafletjs. This alternative to Google map has several advantages: it is elegant, free, everyone can contribute to its development and above all, it does not collect or use information without your knowledge.
  • To establish statistics on the site's traffic, we use Matomo, free software and open source measuring web statistics. The data collected is completely anonymous and is stored on our servers in Clermont-Ferrand. They therefore do not feed databases across the Atlantic and are only used to find out how the site is used.

You too, opt for a free internet

By the way, we advise you to use other search engines than Google like Qwant, DuckDuckGo, Lilo, Ecosia, StartPage, /e/spots or other … In the same way, we suggest you abandon Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge in favor of free web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Brave or Vivaldi. Finally, for your email, opt for Vivaldi, Posteo, Lilo or others

To go further, you can consult Framasoft.

Using cookies

We are not talking about these chocolate and hazelnut cookies here, but about computers. The computer cookie is the equivalent of a small text file stored on your computer or phone. Cookies were originally created to allow websites to authenticate users and record their browsing preferences, but over the years, their use has been largely diverted for commercial purposes. Some sites use them en masse to display targeted ads related to the user's browsing history and habits to influence them to the fullest. We don't.

What cookies do we use?

  • When you agree to be geolocated, we hold your position for ten or thirty minutes to avoid asking you systematically every time you are on a new page. If you refuse, we will hold your refusal for thirty minutes.
  • Our website attendance analysis and statistics tool, Matomo, uses cookies to refine statistics.
  • When you click the visually impaired button, symbolized by the icon, the site changes its appearance. In order to improve the comfort of the visually impaired, the contrasts are reinforced, some images are enlarged and the size of the texts is also increased. If you choose to view the site with this option, we will retain this choice for 360 days. (Unfortunately, you're unlikely to get an optimal view by then.)

That's all.


Geolocation allows us to display different content depending on your geographic location.


  • The home page is not the same depending on whether you are around the Othe-Armance territory.
  • The video in the background is displayed on all pages if you are outside the territory (and you use a computer), otherwise it is displayed only on the home page.
  • It allows you to focus the maps on your location. It's more convenient for you.
  • It allows you to search and sort listings (hotels, restaurants, activities…) depending on your location and calculate the distance between you and the establishment or activity in question.

We don't keep your geolocation in memory.