AAPPMA d’Ervy-le-Châtel

AAPPMA of Ervy-le-Châtel Armance (2nd category), Landion d’Etourvy, Trémagne, Ru de Montigny and Ru de Sivrey (1st category), Ru du Saussois, Ru du Boutois, Ru de Bernon, Ru de la Fôret, Ru de Siverey. Other site: Burgundy canal at a place called “Le Charrey”, commune of Marolles-sous-Lignières. Agents: Gamm Vert in Chaource, Pechabroc in Villemaur/Vanne and tourist information office in Ervy-le-Châtel and Chaource Tel: +33 (0)3 25 70 04 45. Opening period – 1st category: March to September / 2nd category: all year round for predators and saluio Handi-fishing pontoon on the Armance.