Association Sauvegarde et Vie du Patrimoine Chennegy le Valdreux

The Association SVP (Safeguard and Life of the CHENNEGY-LE VALDREUX Heritage) has existed for 19 years. Its creation, in 1992, is due to the initiative of a group of volunteers. Their first aim was to restore the Chapel of the Hayer built in 1867 on the old entrance of the Hermitage of Hayer (1639) at the exit of the village. Five years of effort by these volunteers and five years of generosity of the inhabitants of Chennegy and local companies were necessary for this restoration. The result has inspired this team to continue the restoration of the small heritage of the village: the washhouse, the bell of the old Valdreux school that can be admired at the entrance of the hamlet and then the old pumphouse. At the present time, the Association continues to maintain and animate these places: restoration of the hearse, the old handpump, Heritage Days, a festive day at the Lavoir in July. It has marked, with explanatory panels, a hiking trail that connects the different sites to discover in and around Chennegy and Valdreux. The inhabitants of Chennegy live with passion the heritage of their village and are happy when passing visitors stop at home. So be of these, the Caviaux will welcome you with pleasure!