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Centre de luxopuncture et réflexologie plantaire

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Luxopuncture and Plantar Reflexology Center. (BY APPOINTMENT) Luxopuncture is a needle-free acupuncture technique that uses infrared radiation to stimulate reflex points. Painless, relaxing, luxopuncture restores the balance of the hormonal system to treat overeating, tobacco addiction, stress, sleep, Menopause. 94% Satisfaction. Covered by certain Mutuals. Free review. GMP (Passive Metabolic Gymnastics) Slimming: Allows you to burn 800 calories in 45mn (Equivalent to 1h30 of running). Less muscle pain. Less Stress, Fatigue, Improves Sleep. Recovery after sport. Cleanses the pores of the skin. Rolling palpate technique for weight loss. Plantar reflexology: Traditional Chinese medicine Method centered on the self-regulation of the human body by acting on the reflex zones Sale of EVORA perfumes: Different fragrances: Chanel, Dior, Diesel etc ………. to come and discover.