Circuit Contes et légendes en Othe-Armance



  • Distance : 141 km
  • Dénivelé total : 1203 m
  • Dénivelé positif maximal : 92 m
  • Dénivelé négatif maximal : -99 m

PDF documents

  • Circuit contes et légendes 2021.pdf

The forests of Othe and Chaource were the scene of mysterious events. For centuries, they have inspired storytellers who, during long winter evenings, pass on wonderful stories from generation to generation. This oral tradition has inspired many books, such as the “Guide to the Mysterious Dawn” written by Abbé Durand, “Les Mystères de l’Aube” by Guy Capet, “Folklore de Champagne” or even “Mystérieuse Forêt d ‘ ‘Othe’ written by Gabriel Groley. Discover the tales and legends of our villages of Othe d’Armance and Chaourçois. In this circuit, different stories, freely inspired by this oral tradition, will arouse your curiosity: historical anecdotes, magical beings, and many more. In the heart of a clearing, you will succumb to the charms of the fairies of Louvière and around a chapel, you will discover the adventures of Saint-Gengoult. These sometimes forgotten stories come back today to offer you a tour led by our storytellers. Circuit downloadable on the IdVizit application