Circuit de la promenade des sources



  • Distance : 15 km
  • Dénivelé total : 312 m
  • Dénivelé positif maximal : 98 m
  • Dénivelé négatif maximal : -84 m

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“Promenade des Sources” 14 Km Departure from Rigny le Ferron To see on the way: The Castle of Cerilly In 1854, Baron Haussmann makes vote in the Council of Paris a new project of drinking water supply of the capital. Its goal is to capture groundwater located more than 100 km from Paris (Provins, Sens, Fontainebleau, Dreux regions). The engineer Eugène Belgrand is responsible for conducting the work. In 1876, the waters of the sources collected in the region of Sens arrive at the reservoir of Monsouris in 72 hours by means of the aqueduct of the Vanne. The farthest sources supplying the Vanne aqueduct are located in the Othe forest: La Bouillarde, Armentières and Cerilly. They are called “high” because they have the distinction of being able to reach Paris by gravity, unlike the “low” sources identified with the help of hydraulic factories. This tour takes you to the foot of the catchment basin of the source of Cerilly which joins by a secondary aqueduct that of the Valve, in Flacy. It is strongly discouraged to use the hiking trails during the hunting season. DOWNLOAD THE CIRCUIT IN: MORE INFORMATION