Circuit des églises en Chaourçois



  • Distance : 84 km
  • Dénivelé total : 676 m
  • Dénivelé positif maximal : 44 m
  • Dénivelé négatif maximal : -89 m

PDF documents

  • Circuit des églises.pdf

Rich by the number of our churches (18) in the Chaourçois, but also by their architecture, do not hesitate to come and contemplate them and visit them. The town halls or volunteers will be happy to accompany you there and open the doors. Dating mainly from the twelfth century as the Church of St. John the Baptist started at this period and construction resumed in the Renaissance in the sixteenth century, the churches of Chaourçois never stop to amaze you. You will be impressed outside the choice of materials, the height of the cupolas, inside the brightness made by stained glass, statues highlighted and their architecture.