Comité de Jumelage du Val d’Armance

The territory of the Val d’Armance historically welcomed Belgian families during the war of 1914 1918 then during the economic crisis of the inter-war period. A little more than ten years ago, a twinning committee was created by Madame Gibier-Caille, a bookseller in Ervy-le-Châtel with Stoumont, a municipality in the Belgian Ardennes near Liège. Association of type 1901, it aims to develop the relations between the inhabitants of the Val d’Armance and the town twinned in all school, sports, cultural and social economic fields. In the Val d’Armance it is organized theatrical performances, concerts, paintings exhibitions, the first weekend of May Belgian artists present their works: paintings, sculptures, literatures, tales and legends, specialties taste! The members of the Association meet each year alternately either in Stoumont or in Ervy-le-Châtel, in a friendly and joyful atmosphere. For any information you can contact Mr Ravise Jean-Pierre