Eclats de Fleurs

Flowers for every moment of your life Do you live in Ervy-le-Châtel or the surrounding area – Auxon, Flogny-la-Chapelle, Racines, Soumaintrain, Lignières, Bernon, Vosnon, Eaux-Puiseaux? Do you want to find a creative florist with a great range of cut flowers and floral arrangements for all occasions? The ÉCLATS DE FLEURS Store welcomes you in the midst of colors and scents, and you will be equally welcome if you are passing through, on the way to an invitation. For the flowers to offer or to treat yourself every day, for those intended for happy occasions such as weddings or birthdays, for those dedicated to the memory of the deceased, we will prepare the bouquet or the service of your choice, with flowers fresh which vary with the seasons. Our clientele is thus made up of individuals, but also communities, associations and companies who know how to find at ÉCLATS DE FLEURS a smiling welcome and constant quality. Individually cut flowers, harmonious floral arrangements, special creations for weddings, proposals adapted to moments of mourning, but also a gift space for yourself or for those you love: opportunities to cross the door of ÉCLATS DE FLEURS do not miss. To erase the distances, go through us to have flowers delivered to the address of your choice, thanks to our partnership with Florajet: you will find in the catalog this flowered present which will undoubtedly please, very simply. For its part, the Gift area of the Boutique presents a set of well-chosen proposals, which will delight their recipients. In Ervy-le-Châtel, at 23 boulevard des Grands Fossés, not far from the famous Porte Saint-Nicolas, ÉCLATS DE FLEURS is a reference destination throughout the year, with family, municipal and associative events. or professionals. Payment possible remotely by credit card, to order without having to travel.