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Écuries du Pommier d’Argent


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The Ecuries du Pommier d’Argent are a place centered around three main activities: The pension of owners’ horses, in the principles of animal welfare, including a pension called “Imago” intended for retired horses whose owners do not couldn’t take care of it every week. The horses have food adapted to their needs and are preferably taken out in a herd to promote social relationships. Our capacity is around 25 horses, excluding passing horses. The work of horses: Sébastien is a whisperer. His job is to accompany rider-horse couples in a training that respects the horse or to resolve specific behavioral or technical problems. Practicing both western and classic riding, Sébastien can adapt to any type of request by offering tailor-made formulas. Teaching and organizing events. The stable welcomes all disciplines, with a common thread: the development of Horsemanship. However, it specializes in technical outdoor riding: the Mountain Trail, recently imported from the United States and recently recognized as a federal discipline, and working riding, traditional riding inherited from our gardians. Thus, we have set up a very large Horse Park allowing us to work in complete safety, in an approach that is both fun but also very technical. The Horse Park is accessible for internships under supervision or for hire. We also organize walks and hikes, each time around a theme to discover the Pays d’Othe, which offers us a magnificent place to work. Finally, high-level external speakers also come to provide internships.