Le Sentier du Cosaque



  • Distance : 3 km
  • Dénivelé total : 101 m
  • Dénivelé positif maximal : 23 m
  • Dénivelé négatif maximal : -16 m

This trail crosses a natural area of ecological, fauna and flora interest (Znieff) in which many fragile and rare plants as well as protected animal species are recorded. THE COSSACK TRAIL: It takes its name from the ravine around which it goes. After the defeat of Napoleon, while the Russians occupied Lorraine and Champagne, in accordance with the Treaty of Paris signed in November 1815 – until the Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle in November 1818 and the signing of the Treaty of Sainte -Alliance –, Cossacks found themselves in Bérulle. One of them was killed in this ravine by a village resident. This is the story given by Father Jublin in 1865. “We speak of a wicked woman, who having learned that one of these unfortunate people was lying sick at the bottom of a ravine, armed herself with a spit of kitchen, and would have pierced him with more, without regard to his prayers or his tears, nor to the sight of a small crucifix which he presented to him to excite his commiseration. The place where he received the death blow is still called Cossack Ravine today. » LA ZNIEFF The trail partly runs through an Area of Ecological, Fauna and Flora Interest (Znieff) which covers an area of 77 hectares. It is a type 1 Znieff, that is to say of great biological and ecological interest. It is part of the National Inventory of natural heritage intended to conserve biodiversity.