Nicolas Favre – Artiste-peintre

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Nicolas FAVRE, professional painter since 1999, has established his workshop in Pâlis. He welcomes you there every day of the week as well as the weekend to discover his work. Make sure of his presence, or make a direct appointment with him by contacting him at 06 73 91 53 08, or by mail: You will discover an expressionist painting resolutely contemporary, a singular universe that does not leave indifferent . Before your visit, to browse all of his work, read the press articles, the texts of critics of Art, and to know all the news, exhibitions and exhibitions in progress, you can also visit his site internet In addition to his painting work, Nicolas FAVRE organizes weekly artistic support workshops, where each participant is guided in his own process. Do not hesitate to contact him for more information on dates, times and prices. And to get to know each other better, here are some of the artist’s words about her painting: “Painting seeks me, it calls me from the bottom of my being. More than that, she claims me. It imposes itself on me as an obstacle to overcome, to live behind. With each of these victories, so hard – won and so fleetingly consumed, the shadow of another massif to be climbed is already visible, another part of myself to be overcome. The astonishment is then to my painting an influential critic. he avoids the pitfalls of decoration, reproduction, and the illusory purring of a lethargic painting. Always question what is happening, be attentive to the change that is needed, and let the painting know about me – for a few moments again – what I do not know about her. My work offers to each a different point of view on itself, it is object relational, without any particular utility, other than the one, intimate and personal, that one will want to offer it to him. “