N’Othe Farine

Informations Covid-19 : Open / Activity resumed


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N’Othe Farine, artisanal flour production. Cyrille offers wheat flour made from 4 varieties grown on the farm. Each brings strength, balance, elasticity and flexibility. The grain is crushed using a granite wheel on site. This process allows the preservation of germ, nutrients, vitamins, fibers and minerals. N’Othe Farine will allow you to cook and bake while keeping all the taste and nutritional qualities. Cyrille, motivated and committed farmer, practices reasoned and reasonable agriculture, respectful of our environment. Our goal is to be able to testify to our practices, to focus on the essentials: the basics of our business. Our values rusticity rather than productivity! By opening the doors of our operations, we hope to be able to testify to our practices and discuss. Possibility to come with your containers and possibility of delivery to your home.