Pierre Monnet – Artiste-peintre


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The art of the knife. Pierre Monnet born in 1935, self-taught, lives a passion more and more crazy with painting, criticizing the class in the worthy lineage of the post-impressionist. In love with nature, Pierre Monnet found his style mainly over water, which it shimmers in transparency in a paletteapaisante. He paints with ease, bucolic landscapes, in a shades of green that is famous, between freshness and serenity. The shades of green soften and enhance the luminous reflection of the waters. The poetry of deep France finds in him one of his best performers, because he knows how to capture the beauty of landscapes and transpose it into his paintings. Painter of hope, he finds his equilibrium only by the grace of light. Pierre Monnet continues to please, continues to amaze, continues to dream, continues to embellish landscapes by giving them life. Completely disconnected from what is happening in the world. His painting is his paradise. The artist’s studio is open every day from 9:30 to 12 and from 14:30 to 18:00. Remember to call 06 19 54 03 77 before visiting the workshop.