Plan d’eau de Paisy-Cosdon

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  • Bathing


  • Free

The lake of Paisy-Cosdon, completely refurbished in 2014, offers large green areas for relaxation. Come with your family for a stroll around the lake (accessible by stroller), an afternoon swim (in season) or for a picnic. Picnic, beach, games for children, fishing (pontoons accessible to people with reduced mobility) … Supervised swimming in July and August (small bath for children and large bath). The beach and the play area / relaxation are forbidden to dogs (see the map in the photos). GAMES Access to other games is free. A demarcated playground is at the disposal of children under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or companions. For the safety of children it is requested to respect the age limits indicated by the pictograms affixed to the games. LEISURE Fires on the ground are forbidden. Any collection of wood and branches is forbidden. Only allowed, barbecues using charcoal off beach area and playgrounds. It is strictly forbidden to deposit ashes in the grass or in the lake. The picnic is allowed on the site of the water except in the areas of beach, snack and games. The island that is a nesting place is strictly forbidden to anyone. ANIMALS Access to the bathing areas, games and snack are strictly forbidden to pets even on a leash (parts going from the entrance of the site to the limit of the playground and the end of the big bath). You must take the pedestrian access by the path that goes behind the snack and behind the games. Swimming is strictly prohibited for all pets on the entire site. Dogs of 1st and 2nd category are allowed on the rest of the site provided they are muzzled and kept on a leash by a person of full age, in accordance with the law n ° 99-5 of January 6th, 1999. The other pets are accepted. on a leash on the rest of the site. Movement of vehicles: The game and beach part is strictly forbidden to all vehicles (except rescue and technical services). The fishing portion of the water body is accessible only to vehicles of members of the Amicale Fishing with their card and members of the APPMA All these users must imperatively close the barrier after their passage. Traffic must be at low speed. Traffic on bicycles, Segway or any other motorized or non motorized vehicle is prohibited from May 1 to September 30, 2018.