Plan d’eau de pêche de Paisy-Cosdon

The Amicale Pêche de l’Étang de Paisy-Cosdon offers, to those who pay a subscription, the possibility of fishing from the last weekend of February to the last of November. Several species are present in this pond: roach, tench, zander, pike, perch, carp, black bass, bream and sturgeon. Some of these species are in “NO KILL”, ie the catch of the latter implies an immediate release in the water in the respect of the fish (carps, sturgeons, black bass). For other species, daily quotas have been set up and must be respected. Only one predator per day and the minimum size of 60cm. Different fishing rights are available: for the year, for the month, for the weekend and for the day. In addition, boat and float tube fishing is possible, for a small supplement. Swimming is prohibited as well as any boat whatsoever outside the swimming area delimited by buoys. They are distributed at: – Pechasbroc: 56 A Grande Rue 10190 Villemaur sur Vanne Tel: +33 (0)3 25 42 16 06 – Future fishing in Troyes – Jardin de Paloma: 29 Rue Bréard 89 190 Villeneuve-l’Archevêque Tel: +33 (0)3 86 86 75 50 The Amicale manages the fish hatcheries, but also takes care of part of the maintenance of the surroundings of the pond in partnership with the municipality. If you want more information, contact: – the president on 06 78 66 19 53 – the secretary on 06 45 42 21 68