the Sunday 20 September

Silex Day


  • the Sunday 20 September

Sunday September 20: VAREILES – Silex Day from 3 p.m. In the Pays d’Othe, there are flints everywhere, there are heaps and heaps of them, there are so many that you have to remove them to cultivate the land, in addition it cuts, it damages the tools, it sets fire, it prevents the carrots from being very straight and the potatoes from being very round, we do not know what to do with them, we hate them or at best we ignore them. Except that there were the cut flints, the flint walls, except that artists like them, represent them, magnify them, except that if you look closely they are beautiful, that they have incredible shapes, except that by looking well, there are lots of uses, inventions, innovations, diversions, fantasies possible. We are sitting on a treasure that we do not even know but maybe the flint is gold … So artists, craftsmen, scientists, engineers, inventors, experimenters, collectors, hackers, dreamers, researchers, finders, poets, designers, gardeners, farmers, come and suggest, share and exchange your ideas for the rehabilitation and enhancement of flint from the Pays d’Othe to the Maquis de Vareilles. Le Maquis de Vareilles – restaurant, bar, show, games, bookstore, flea market. 2 rue de l’Erable 03 86 88 31 15