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Le parc de Coursan-en-Othe

Informations Covid-19 : Open / Activity resumed

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The park of the old castle, located near the main road through the village, houses two remarkable trees and a set of 7 trees lime trees over 350 years forming a round around the source; a bald cypress and a Virginia tulip tree, the oldest and largest in the department (about 3 ½ centuries old and about 4 meters in circumference). Superb early June with its amazing flowers shaped tulips. The park is open to visitors all year round. For picnic lovers, tables with benches and toilets are at your disposal. Nothing like a stroll around the moat to relax but also discover the hiking circuit … A few words about the old castle … The fortress of Coursan-en-Othe was surrounded by large and deep ditches, still visible, just like one of the four turrets. This castle was destroyed in 1780 by the Marquis d’Erlack …