Scierie du Pays d’Othe

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The sawmill (SPO), located in Rigny-le-Ferron, specializes in sawing heavy oak and precious hardwoods. First transformation company, it mainly produces rustic quality frames up to 9.50 meters as well as planks (square-edged / friezes) of all qualities intended for parquet flooring. These products are shipped to more than 10 countries. Member of APECF (“Association for the Promotion of French Oaks and Hardwoods”), its exports are mainly European. Diversified services The sawmill performs its cuts itself, and guides forest owners on different points: – Management advice – Reasoned logging – Production of large quality wood – Local supply – Alternative to “clearcutting” The SPO is concerned with deliver quality work and products, so its wood is not treated and the products are PEFC certified (in French: “program of recognition of forest certifications”). The logs come mainly from sales of standing timber from the National Office of Forests (ONF). All of our players in the sector are also PEFC certified and ensure the sustainability of forests. Wood can also come from non-certified private properties. Indeed, the sawmill invests in forest funds to develop or exploit. Varied products The price of frames depends on the length and volume. All kinds of products can be made to order. Downgraded products are regularly available, price reductions apply on request for frames with bites, large knots, with bark or with detachment of dark circles.