Syndicat de Défense du Fromage de Chaource

The Union Chaource cheese of Defense was born in 1968 under the leadership of eight cheese and Councillor of the Canton of Chaource with the aim to obtain official recognition of Chaource as Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. The project ends August 19, 1970, with the publication of the appellation decree. Since the inception of the Union, several statutes have been changes, especially to better integrate milk producers in the functioning of the appellation. The statutes currently in force have been filed with the City of Chaource. The Union aims and general purpose “study and defense of professional collective interests stages of production, processing, distribution and consumption.” It is also involved in communication activities, whether individual (documentation publishing, exhibitions, interventions in schools …) or collective as with cheese from Burgundy. The Union currently has about 80 milk producers, manufacturers and refiners 9, and some local structures involved in agriculture or tourism. His office is located in the City of Chaource (10). Didier Lincet Chaource manufacturer in Saligny Yonne (89), has been Chairman since 2005. He succeeded Paul Gobin, a former manufacturer in Saint-Julien Villas (10) retired today. The Union Chaource cheese of Defense was officially recognized as Organization of Defence and Management (ODG) by the National Committee of Dairy Names, Agri-food and Foresti & eagrave; res INAO at its meeting of 24 May 2007. He practices in this regard a number of additional tasks such as monitoring operators or the implementation of controls.