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Brasserie Thibord


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Daughter and granddaughter of grain farmers, the barley fields of the farm were part of my daily life. It was when I was 25, after years spent in Paris, that the idea of making beer with the family barley naturally came to me. After starting to brew at home and following some training, I decided to leave Paris and my work to get started in this project. For three years, I trained in the trade, with brewers, but also by obtaining a university diploma as a brewery operator. I then started brewing with professional friends while waiting for my building to be built. I set up my brewery in Palis in 2018, the village in which I grew up and which is dear to me. I had a wooden building built with natural insulation because I wanted it to blend into the landscape but also to be natural and aesthetic. I now work with my husband Timothée, we produce light and well-hopped beers, brewed with part of the family barley. Different beers are available, a permanent range but also an ephemeral range: La Pale Is La THI² La Nouvelle THIBORD La Nouvelle Seine-Seine L’ISA Our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized, without additives, without preservatives, produced only with four elements that make up beer, namely water, grains, hops and yeast. For your events the Brasserie THIBORD offers hiring of taps. Introductory workshops to beer styles, the history of beer, beer and cheese pairing workshops … (on request).